Clients surveyed state medical cannabis works for them

Monday’s 107-page report consisted of pages of feedback from clients and physicians.

The very first time it eliminated my symptoms in over 15 years, it brought tears to my eyes, one patient wrote.

Some 241 patients responded to the study, out of 1,442 presently enrolled in the program. Ninety percent reported at least some benefit and nearly half reported substantial relief. About 20 percent experienced some physical or mental adverse effects, ranging from dry mouth and tiredness to feeling high or paranoid.

John Carroll of Minneapolis stated marijuana oil has actually enabled him to entirely wean himself off the prescription opioids he was requiring to ease muscle convulsions.

This is real medicine, stated Carroll, who has actually remained in the program for about 9 months. Unlike painkillers, which he said stopped assisting him; marijuana works whenever, all the time. It’s amazing.

Marijuana provided him less of a buzz than the pain relievers did, he said, as well as aided with opioid withdrawal symptoms. He ultimately called his doctor’s office and informed them he wouldn’t be refilling his opioids prescription.

When I called them to state I wear t need them anymore, they stated I’m the only one, from all their patients who’s ever said they don’t need any more, he stated. That’s actually sad. I feel bad for individuals.

Minnesota will broaden its program in August to clients suffering pain that has not reacted to conventional drugs or treatments. Discomfort patients can begin registering in July, if their healthcare service provider agrees that they qualify.

To get into the program, clients must have a doctor license that they have one of 9 severe diseases, ranging from muscle spasms to epilepsy to AIDS. The cost of a month’s supply can range from less than $100 to well over $1,000, which clients need to pay out of pocket.

Despite the program’s restricted scope a St. Cloud clinic that opened Monday is just the state’s 4th clients say it is assisting.

It’s nice to feel human once again, one patient wrote.

Another commented: Thank you for helping me get my hunger back, and getting rid of the grumps and nausea.

Still lots of voiced aggravation over the high expense of a medication that no insurance coverage will cover. Outstate clients also deal with long commutes to the closest center.

Leaf Line Labs, which runs the store that opened Monday in St. Cloud, is making strategies to release two more. Under state law, Minnesota will have eight marijuana centers, all which are expected to be up and running by July 1.

The survey is not a clinical study and there is no way to tell whether some clients are simply reporting a placebo result: feeling better because they expect to feel much better. Tom Arneson, research study manager for the Office of Medical Cannabis, stated the survey responses match the feedback he learns through patients who have actually contacted his office.

People want evidence that medical cannabis works. This can’t do that. It won’t do that, Arneson stated. The study is part of the health department’s continuous effort to collect data about patients experience in the program. Going through the outcomes reminds us that these are real individuals who are suffering, and that’s exactly what this is everything about.

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