The Real Story: Medical marijuana expansion

The growth of the state's medical marijuana law to include patients under age 18 is effective on October 1. The law was likewise modified to allow use by hospice patients, and to license in-state research study on medical marijuana. Al and Jenn's visitor is Jonathan Harris, Commissioner of Consumer Protection.

Sen. Toni Boucher, a Wilton Republican and chief opponent of the legislation, almost sent it off course with 25 possible changes; however they were all eventually shot down.

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Mass. medical marijuana stores face examination

Massachusetts regulators are pledging to punish medical cannabis dispensaries after a number of shops put low-income clients on waiting lists for reduced items creating hold-ups that run afoul of state law.

A Globe review discovered that the hold-ups were frequently months long; efficiently rejecting those low-income clients the discounts state policies need for anybody with a validated monetary hardship, with no cap on the number.

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Clients surveyed state medical cannabis works for them

Clients registered in Minnesota’s medical marijuana delivery weed program say the treatment assists if they can manage it.

Almost all the patients and healthcare companies who reacted to a new Minnesota Department of Health study reported that medical cannabis provided moderate to significant relief, and few side effects, for every health problem currently allowed in the program. The survey comes as the program approaches its first anniversary dealing with sluggish registration, doubtful doctors, high costs and couple of centers.

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